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         ModuleTek' s CodingBox is a cloud encoder developed for SFP/XFP/QSFP optical transceivers for portable, fast, simple and efficient coding. Interpretation of data inside the module based on MSA regulations, fast digital diagnosis result (DOM) is returned. The application of the device is simple. Just connect the device to the USB port of the computer to work normally. The device provides an external hardware I2C interface for communication with various modules of the I2C interface. The user can self-program and customize its I2C timing. The device is compatible with the I2C reading and writing of the CSFP OPTION1/OPTION2 optical transceivers . It only needs to be programmed to switch the power supply mode at the SFP interface. Of course, this function has been implemented in one-click software with the software, just click on the interface. Related buttons can be used for I2C reading and writing of CSFP OPTION1/OPTION2; the device has advanced functions for firmware and EEP files inside the upgradeable module for our module .

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