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         ModuleTek' s patchcords are designed to support multiple networks. Applications for our products include: FTTX, Local network, Wide-area network, Cable TV, Datacenter interconnection, High-density cross-connect, test-lab, backbone installation, Telecommunication network, Broadband/CATV network. The product connector types include: FC, ST, SC, LC, MU, MPO, MTP.ModuleTek’s products can help Operators, Data centers, and Network service providers enhance and improve the performance of their network systems in a more cost-effective manner.

Part Number DataSheet
LC/LC PatchCordPDF
SC/LC PatchCordPDF
MPO/MPO APC SingleMode PatchCordPDF
MPO/MPO PC MultiMode PatchCordPDF
MPO/LC SingleMode Fan-Out PatchCordPDF
MPO/LC MultiMode Fan-Out PatchCordPDF
400G MPO PatchCordPDF
Grading Fiber Patch Cord According to IECPDF