10Gbps 850nm VCSEL TOSA

The 10Gbps 850nm VCSEL TOSA uses a high-performance Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) designed to meet performance requirements for 10Gbps data communication over multimode optical fiber. Applications include Ethernet, Fibre Channel and ATM protocols.

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●  High performance VCSEL
●  Low electrical parasitic TO package with flexible interface
●  Data rates from DC to 12.5Gbps
●  Differential,Cathode or Anode driven versions available
●  Complete isolation between the VCSEL, Monitor Photodiode and Case
●  Mechanically compatible with all 10Gb/s MSAs
●  10G Ethernet
●  Fibre Channel
●  ATM protocols.
  Data Rate:
  10 Gb/s
  850nm Band