10Gbps 1550nm APD ROSA

ModuleTek offers a portfolio of ROSAs for use in high performance optical data transmission applications. 10Gbps 1550nm APD ROSA is a fully integrated device with design features that ensure excellent RF stability, together with high sensitivity. The 10Gbps 1550nm APD ROSA offers excellent sensitivity performance for both stressed and unstressed data, coupled with low power consumption. The GN3368 optical design is optimised for very low back-reflection.

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 Uses limiting type TIA
 Integrated power supply decoupling
 Power dissipation 89mW typical
 Integral InGa Asavalanche photodiode
 Optical unstressed sensitivity (10-12 BER) -27 dBm mean typical at 10.709Gb/s
 Optical overload (10-12 BER) -4dBm mean minimum
 Optical Return Loss > 27dB
 Opticalwavelength range 1260~1620nm
 Operates from9.95Gb/s to 11.3Gb/s NRZ rates
 Upper OEband width 9GHz typical
 Lower OEband width 30kHz maximum
 TIA with differential transimpedance, at sensitivity, of 3.25kΩ typical
 Receptacle iselectrically isolated from TO-46 can
 LC receptacle with flexible circuit

 10 Gigabit Ethernet
 10 Gigabit SDH/SONET
 10 Gigabit CWDM
  Data Rate:
  10 Gb/s
  1550nm Band