ModuleTek Limited
Workshop 2, 4 Floor, Harry Industrial Building ,
Nos.49-51 Au Pui Wan Street,Shatin,NT,
Hong Kong
TEL: +852 6999 6052
You can also contact us by scanning the QR code or adding a WeChat ID: MODULETEK_SALES

Production base
No. 5 Yinhu Road, Yinhu Industrial Zone, Jiaoyitang, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City
Supplier Management Department Email:
The raw materials purchased by the company include: PCB, zinc alloy shell, injection molding parts, stamping parts, high-speed cables, various rate lasers and detectors (chip, TO-CAN, TOSA/ROSA, pipe seat, pipe cap, adapter, isolator, packages glue), electrical chips for optical modules (TI, MAXIM, MACOM, SEMTECH, etc.), MARVELL/BROADCOMPHY chips, microprocessors, related manufacturing equipment/instruments, packaging consumables, etc. Merchants (private brand, own factory priority) contact to introduce products and send samples for testing, mails will be returned.
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