• HR Specialist


    1. Bachelor degree or above in human resources management, administrative management and other majors;
    2, cheerful, sociable, serious and responsible work.

    Salary and Benefits:

    1. Fixed salary + monthly performance bonus + overtime allowance + special reward.
    2. Comfortable environment, pantry, lounge, reading room and gym are all available. Coffee and fruit every afternoon;
    3. The salary is generous, and there is an opportunity for salary increase every year. Those with outstanding performance can also enjoy the green channel, and can buy the company's internal stock after one year;
    4. Set up a basketball court; organize monthly entertainment activities from time to time, and hold large-scale cultural evenings and lottery activities at the end of the year;
    5. All employees can enjoy various holidays and statutory holidays stipulated by the state with pay.
  • Please send your resume to this email: hr01@moduletek.com

    The email format is: name + job position. If you have any questions, please contact us.
    Miss Tan:13724547033
    Miss Liang: 13097733161

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